We have great expertise and many years of experience in working with all the major computing platforms: Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac whether planning and implementing a major multi-site network or troubleshooting an individual workstation.

Nulogic can advise you on all the connectivity options that are available for high speed Internet access from DSL, Cable, T1/E1, MPLS and fiber.

One of the most popular solutions we offer is VPN: Virtual Private Networking. In the past when your company had two locations that needed to be networked, you had to buy a direct data line to link them, a slow connection that was expensive to maintain. With VPN, you utilize your existing DSL, cable or other highspeed service and firewalls at both sites, allowing speedy secure and cost effective communication over the Internet. NuLogic provides full, expert installation and integration of VPN packages.

We specialize in building network systems that run on Linux, the operating system increasingly favored by large corporations for its stability and flexibility.

Linux provides an extraordinarily solid platform on which to build network services such as web, email, ftp, SQL database and file/print servers. Our Linux network applications work readily with your existing Unix, Windows or Mac networks.